Monster's Battlefield 2021

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Science Fiction

The soldier king Qin Yang's fianceĢe Ye Qin met with an unknown beast and died tragically. Gu Ping invites him to participate in Ye Qin's scientific research before her death. But Gu Ping is using Ye Qin's research results to combine the genes of unknown beasts to create the "Zero" dragon creature. The intelligent dragon creature, coupled with the extra-terrestrial beast evolved by devouring, an imminent city war is coming...

Release Date 2021-12-27
Runtime 0m
Director Xu Shixing

The tragic demise of Ye Qin, the betrothed of the valiant monarch Qin Yang, occurred when she encountered an enigmatic creature. In the wake of this sorrowful event, Gu Ping extends an invitation to Qin Yang, urging him to partake in Ye Qin's scientific endeavors prior to her untimely passing. However, unbeknownst to Qin Yang, Gu Ping manipulates Ye Qin's research findings to concoct a formidable entity known as the "Zero" dragon, by merging the genetic traits of these mysterious beasts. The enthralling narrative of this tale is truly captivating and warrants undivided attention. You can also stream amazing movies like this on HuraWatch.