Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga 2024

Fury is born.

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Action Adventure Science Fiction

As the world fell, young Furiosa is snatched from the Green Place of Many Mothers and falls into the hands of a great Biker Horde led by the Warlord Dementus. Sweeping through the Wasteland they come across the Citadel presided over by The Immortan Joe. While the two Tyrants war for dominance, Furiosa must survive many trials as she puts together the means to find her way home.

Homepage https://www.furiosaamadmaxsaga.com
Release Date 2024-05-22
Runtime 2h 29m
Directors George Miller, Simon Duggan, P.J. Voeten, Guy Norris, Sophie Nash, Kate McCowage, Kate Rawlins
Producers George Miller, Doug Mitchell, Rachael Gill, Dean Hood, Pete Chiappetta, Anthony Tittanegro, Andrew Lary
Writers George Miller, Nico Lathouris

Furiosa (⭐⭐⭐⭐) is a relentless, adrenaline-pumping actioner from #GeorgeMiller, set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. The film's action sequences are brutal, exciting, and innovative, featuring engaging set pieces and characters. Despite a somewhat thin premise, the action remains a standout. #ChrisHemsworth delivers a compelling performance, his intimidating presence suggesting potential for a spin-off origin film for his character. #AnyaTaylorJoy is commendable, bringing sufficient depth to her role. However, the subplot exploring Furiosa's origins feels weak and underdeveloped. Overall, Furiosa serves as a worthy prequel with unparalleled action choreography, although the climax may feel off and stretched, potentially disappointing fans expecting a stronger ending.\r\n\r\nWatch or Not?\r\nIf you liked Mad Max Fury Road, then go for this, action lovers go for this. Keep expectations at bay.

Ritesh Mohapatra

FULL SPOILER-FREE REVIEW @ https://talkingfilms.net/furiosa-a-mad-max-saga-review-a-flawed-yet-captivating-dive-into-a-powerful-iconic-protagonist/

"Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga deepens its titular protagonist and the respective post-apocalyptic world, offering a captivating origin story that enriches Fury Road, but its excessive runtime, predictability, and time spent addressing the other installment's flaws hinder its enjoyment.

The action set pieces lack the same novelty factor and frenetic pace, but the stunts remain impressive. The performances of Anya Taylor-Joy and Alyla Browne as Furiosa deserve praise, as does Chris Hemsworth's insane portrayal of Dementus.

Depending on the chosen viewing order, the perspective on both films changes drastically, but in the end, they remain essential recommendations to every movie lover out there."

Rating: B+

Manuel São Bento

The young "Furiosa" (Alyla Browne) is captured by some rogue bikers and despite the best efforts of her sharp-shooting mother is help captive by the menacing "Dementus" (Chris Hemsworth) who rather paternally calls her "Little D"! This dystopian world really consists of three powers. The "Immortan Joe" (Lachy Hulme) in an unassailable citadel where food and water are plentiful, the "Guardian of Gastown" (Peter Stephens) who runs the last refinery producing petrol and the "Bullet Farm" - a quarry. They have a loose bartering arrangement that allows each to hold their own territory and this is arrangement "Dementus" and his army of thousands wants to take control of. He does manage to secure a better deal with "Joe" but only if he trades his "Little D" as part of the bargain. Once she's been duly swapped and introduced to his harem, she determines that she needs a new ID! Years go by as she passes for a boy, moves up the food chain at the Citadel and is finally sent on war-rig duties trading gas for food. It's now that she (Anya Taylor-Joy) encounters the war-rig driver "Praeteorian Jack" (Tom Burke) and, thinking he might be a conduit for her to get back home, joins forces for some battles royal. As origin stories go, this is good end to end stuff, quickly paced and packed with action right from the beginning. Hemsworth is highly entertaining as the prose-spouting monster and there are loads of supporting characters - the likes of "Smeg", "Rictus Erectus" and "Scrotus" to characterise these gangs of violent and ruthless half-wits. ATJ doesn't really have that much to do for most of this, and has virtually no dialogue - but when she is on screen she works well with her ninja skills coming to the fore. I didn't love the ending, it drags a bit and is entirely predictable, but this holds up well for 2½ hours and the stunt work and live-action photography is impressive.


Whilst Furiosa isn't a bad action film, I suspect its lacklustre response from audiences, reflects not whats on offer but whats absent.

On the upside is loads of heart stopping action, amazing cinematic's, great sets, plus strong performances from the cast.

A lesser aspect of the downside is the unnecessarily drawn out back story, replete with details about the key character, no one cares about, which, in turn, leads to the main fault in this film.......ITS NOT ABOUT MAD MAX Rockatansky.

Lets be honest, no one's really interested in peripheral characters or their back story, they want the REAL DEAL. That's where this film was always going to fall flat with viewing audiences.

If this film had been about Mad Max with a back story covering as yet unrevealed aspects of the life of the younger and older Max, in the latter case played by the actor who made the franchise famous, Mel Gibson, then I suspect Hollywood would have a real HIT on their hands.

In summary, you don't make a major film about the back story of a peripheral character from a franchise, you make the film about the MAIN character, its as simple as that. I'm amazed this wasn't obvious.


I enjoyed 'Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga', which is a rightful addition to the 'Mad Max' franchise.

I personally would say that the run time is way too long, like this does not need to be a 2hr 20min+ movie. With that said, I still got the desired amount of entertainment from this 2024 flick. Chris Hemsworth is outstanding, easily the most I've wanted to see a character onscreen from this series; he fits the role perfectly.

Anya Taylor-Joy puts in a very good showing as well, her character doesn't say much so a lot of the performance is reliant on her visual emotions - which Taylor-Joy portrays on point. The rest of the cast are on the same level to me, all support the show well without rising near the lead two; similar-ish story for the whole franchise, in truth.

Visually the movie looks cracking, while the action matches prior installments in providing the vast majority of what makes these films so worth the watch. This prequel/spin-off is one I'd put in the top bracket from this series, it's up there with 'Mad Max: Fury Road' - which does just slightly edge ahead.


I really enjoyed this film! It is a lot of explosions and brutality, but it was continually compelling — even as I questioned why I was so invested. At 2h20m it definitely made me feel my sleepy age (I saw it on my 39th birthday, and I was squinting and yawning by the end!) but I felt more impressed that a relatively slow paced film gripped me for so long.

It's a proper odyssey, with poor Furiosa only wanting to get home; but the trials she faces grow organically out of the plot and the universe, and give Furiosa a depth I didn't expect from a character/actor who's almost entirely expressionless through the film.

This entry in the Mad Max continuum (though I've only watched the first, and Fury Road) steers away from exploring the whats and whys of the apocalyptic world they live in, tempting though I'm sure it was in a 2024 that has so many parallels, and instead lets us draw our own conclusions. The men in power who lie and rabble-rouse to get the power they desire, just so they can watch the world burn (again); how much we all embrace making ourselves vulnerable for the hope of human connection; the power dynamics and game theory in a world where two thirds of what you need is only necessary because of collective attitudes.

I'm certain I'll watch this again—and as a stand-alone film—which, for a long and relatively simple plot, is something very uncommon for me. I hope you enjoy it too!

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JP Hastings-Spital

Yeah, Furiosa. What a furious young lady. Thor does a good job. Well executed lore and world building. Sure does suck to be a lady in this wasteland. Fun to see education breakdown. Didn't even mind the runtime so maybe it should be a 10.

Chandler Danier

This installment of the Mad Max saga was disappointing. Personally, I would have preferred a continuation of Furiosa's story with Charlize Theron rather than an origin story. However, once Anya Taylor-Joy was cast, my excitement returned. Her performance in The Menu is one of my favorites, and she has never given a bad performance. Despite my anticipation, I walked out of this movie feeling underwhelmed.

The film feels a bit detached from the franchise. Returning to an origin story, especially in this series, feels like a misstep. The strength of the first four movies lies in their forward momentum and the development of their characters. We've already seen the beginning in Mad Max; what the audience craves is progress, ideally with Max at the forefront but I would like to see 'Furiosa' along for future rides.

While the cinematography is undeniably gorgeous, the editing leaves much to be desired. The film spends too much time on areas that don't align with what makes a Mad Max film great. For example, the original films excelled in their high-octane action sequences and tight pacing, whereas this installment meanders, losing the kinetic energy that defines the series and limits an entire war to a montage.

Chris Hemsworth's portrayal of Dementus is a mixed bag. He brings a certain fun to the role, but his character often feels frustratingly inconsistent. There are moments where Dementus' choices seem out of character or simply don’t make sense, disrupting the narrative flow and diminishing the overall impact of the film. Some could argue that his demented nature is the reason for his decisions but even that idea falls flat.

One of the most disappointing aspects is that this movie lacks the fun, rewatchable quality of its predecessors. The previous films in the series are known for their relentless pace and compelling characters, making them enjoyable to revisit. This installment, however, doesn’t capture that same magic, leaving it feeling somewhat deflated in comparison.

While 'Furiosa' offers some stunning visals and strong performances, it ultimately fails to live up to the legacy of its predecessors. The decision to focus on an origin story rather than continuing Furiosa's journey feels like a missed opportunity. Fans of the franchise may find some enjoyment in the film, but it doesn’t possess the same exhilarating spirit that made the earlier movies iconic.

Moving forward, it would be more satisfying to see the series return to its roots, focusing on character-driven narratives that push the story forward. A continuation of Furiosa’s journey or a new chapter with Max would likely resonate more with audiences, capturing the essence of what makes Mad Max an enduring and beloved franchise.


*Wonder Woman *

Lately, it seems Hollywood has been casting great actresses in strong female roles but pairing them with subpar writing. This movie is not one of those. I went in with the mindset of "here we go again," but came out surprisingly satisfied. The story, acting, and action are all top-notch, and it seamlessly leads into "Mad Max: Fury Road" without missing a beat. Don't skip this one—it's probably the best in the franchise.

Cuzzin Coo