Breach 2020

Deep in space they are not alone.

4.5 / 10   396 vote(s)
Science Fiction Action

A hardened mechanic must stay awake and maintain an interstellar ark fleeing the dying planet Earth with a few thousand lucky souls on board... the last of humanity. Unfortunately, humans are not the only passengers. A shapeshifting alien creature has taken residence, its only goal is to kill as many people as possible. The crew must think quickly to stop this menace before it destroys mankind.

Release Date 2020-12-17
Runtime 1h 32m
Directors John Suits, Laffrey Witbrod, Logan Thomas Peterson, Will Stone, Alina Verenich
Producers Corey Large, Danny Roth, Persephanie Engel, Daniel Calvo
Writers Corey Large, Edward Drake

Awful in just about every regard. Acting was atrocious and although Bruce Willis's character is supposed to be a bit of alcoholic, I think the actor was actually drunk through most of this. Thomas Jane has only a few minutes of screen time but chews the scenery in what little in this he is and Cody Kearsley was pretty bland. Visual effects, even taking into account the low budget, was terrible. If not for Willis, this felt like a SyFy film. That said, never was angry while watching, in fact I laughed at some unintentional moments, just not enough to be in the good bad territory. 1.0/5