Bad Trip 2021

Friendships run deep.

5.9 / 10   202 vote(s)

Two pals embark on a road trip full of funny pranks that pull real people into mayhem.

Release Date 2021-03-26
Runtime 1h 27m
Directors Kitao Sakurai, Ibrahim Yilla, Knia Bonds
Producers Jeff Tremaine, Ruben Fleischer, Eric André, Aaron L. Gilbert, David Bernad, Jason Cloth, Jenna Park, David Siev
Writers Kitao Sakurai, Eric André, Andrew Barchilon, Dan Curry, Kathryn Borel, Jenna Park

Watched a little over half. I've never been a huge fan of Andre's style of surreal humor, and I can't say this film changed my opinion. I did think having a narrative to frame some of the 'pranks' was useful, though the story itself was far too contrived (perhaps purposefully?) to do anything but provide a respite between skits. Also, where's Hannibal Buress in this? Felt a bit weird to see him swapped for Lil Rel Howery, but perhaps it's related to his stepping away from The Eric Andre Show.