Men in Black: International 2019

The universe is expanding

5.9 / 10   1491 vote(s)
Action Comedy Science Fiction Adventure

The Men in Black have always protected the Earth from the scum of the universe. In this new adventure, they tackle their biggest, most global threat to date: a mole in the Men in Black organization.

Release Date 2019-06-12
Runtime 1h 55m
Directors F. Gary Gray, Stuart Dryburgh, Wade Eastwood, Lisa Satriano, David Keadell, Tom Brown, Lukasz Jogalla, Lennart Breede
Producers Walter F. Parkes, Laurie MacDonald, Steven Spielberg, Barry Sonnenfeld, E. Bennett Walsh, Edward Cheng, Howard Chen, Riyoko Tanaka, David Beaubaire, Deven LeTendre, Michael Sharp
Writers Lowell Cunningham, Art Marcum, Matt Holloway, Lowell Cunningham

'MIB: International' sounds like a good idea on paper, from the cast and the director - even for the franchise, the idea to go “International” sounds really exciting and a great way to expand the world without being too tied to the original films. Unfortunately, it’s just another boring blockbuster using a nostalgic property to make a quick buck without understanding what made the lighting in a bottle that was the first film work. We didn’t even get a rap tie-in song from Will Smith or even Pitbull, and that’s what truly hurts the most. - Chris dos Santos

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Chris Hemsworth just makes everything better. The only good parts of Ghostbusters was Hemsworth. His Thor movies were the best of the MC individual movies and his presence made the Avengers movies that much more enjoyable. Similarly, his levity here made a decline from MiB3 more tolerable. He's just fun to watch.


They've changed the setting, the leads, the journey cycle, the effects, (most of) the supporting cast, the tone, and the timeframe, yet somewhere we still have the exact same plot. Four for four on Men in Black with the EXACT. SAME. PLOT.

I was entertained though, so, there's only so much I can complain really.

Final rating:★★½ - Had a lot that appealed to me, didn’t quite work as a whole.