Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure 2009

Adventure beyond Pixie Hollow

6.8 / 10   702 vote(s)
Animation Family Adventure Fantasy

A blue harvest moon will rise, allowing the fairies to use a precious moonstone to restore the Pixie Dust Tree, the source of all their magic. But when Tinker Bell accidentally puts all of Pixie Hollow in jeopardy, she must venture out across the sea on a secret quest to set things right.

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Release Date 2009-09-03
Runtime 1h 21m
Directors Klay Hall, Sheryl Sardina Sackett
Producers John Lasseter, Doug Little, Matt Walker, Sean Lurie, Lorri Broda
Writers J.M. Barrie, Evan Spiliotopoulos, Evan Spiliotopoulos, Klay Hall, Jane Wu, Kiki Thorpe