Mobile Suit Gundam SEED FREEDOM 2024

You are there inside me. Am I there inside you?

6.4 / 10   37 vote(s)
Animation Science Fiction Action Drama

In C.E.75, the fighting still continues. There are independence movements, and aggression by Blue Cosmos... In order to calm the situation, a global peace monitoring agency called COMPASS is established, with Lacus as its first president. As members of COMPASS, Kira and his comrades intervene into various regional battles. Then a newly established nation called Foundation proposes a joint operation against a Blue Cosmos stronghold.

Release Date 2024-01-26
Runtime 2h 5m
Directors Shigenori Toyooka, Takeshi Katsurayama, Mitsuo Fukuda, Sadayoshi Fujino, Satoshi Shigeta
Writers Chiaki Morosawa, Liu Goto, Mitsuo Fukuda, Yoshiyuki Tomino