Detective Conan: Black Iron Submarine 2023

6.764 / 10   70 vote(s)
Animation Action Crime Mystery

Many engineers from around the world gather at the Interpol marine facility "Pacific Buoy" on Hachijo-jima, in the sea south of central Tokyo Prefecture coast, to witness the launch of a new system that connects all law enforcement camera systems around the world and enables facial recognition worldwide. Conan, along with his friends Kogoro, Ran, Agasa, Haibara, and the Detective Boys, also heads to the island with an invitation from Sonoko to see the whales. He receives a message from Subaru, who says that a Europol agent has been murdered in Germany by Gin. Perturbed, Conan sneaks onto the police ship led by Kuroda, which is bringing them to the island to protect the completion work, and tours the new facility, just in time for the Black Organization to kidnap a female engineer, seeking a piece of important data in her USB drive. A terrifying howl of screws is heard from the ocean as an unknown person approaches Haibara.

Release Date 2023-04-14
Runtime 1h 50m
Directors Jiro Kanai, Yuzuru Tachikawa, Iwao Teraoka, Hiroyuki Notake, Yasuyuki Urakami, Yoshiharu Shimizu, Masatomo Sudo, Nobuyuki Iwai, Nariyuki Takahashi, Keiko Urakami, Hitoshi Nishiyama, Hiromitsu Koiwa, Takahiro Fukuda
Producers Shuho Kondo, Takeshi Shioguchi, Yuhei Okada
Writers Gosho Aoyama, Takeharu Sakurai