Sayen 2023

6.242 / 10   64 vote(s)
Thriller Action

Sayen is hunting down the men who murdered her grandmother. Using her training and knowledge of nature, she is able to turn the tables on them, learning of a conspiracy from a corporation that threatens her people's ancestral lands.

Release Date 2023-03-03
Runtime 1h 34m
Directors Alexander Witt, Eduardo Paxeco, Oscar Godoy, Ignacio Prieto, Alejandro Wise, Rosario Espinosa, Victor Uribe, Tomas Arriagada, Pelayo Lira, Víctor Rojas, Cristobal Venegas
Producers Pablo Larraín, Pablo Larraín, Juan de Dios Larraín, Juan de Dios Larraín, Rocío Jadue, Rocío Jadue
Writers Julio Rojas, Paula del Fierro, Patricio Lynch, Claudia Huaiquimilla, Carla Stagno